If you’ve lived in Maroochydore for a while, you already know that it is one of the hottest towns not only in Sunshine Coast Region, QDL, but Australia as a whole. With an average annual temperature of 20.4 °C, this town is, without a doubt, one of the hottest places in Australia. However, December, January, and February are the hottest months with an average temperature of 28°C, while July is ‘coldest’ month with an average temperature of 20 °C.

Therefore, an air conditioning system is an essential appliance in the town of Maroochydore and its environs. Otherwise, it will be challenging to deal with such high temperatures and humidity in this town. There are many options for air conditioning systems that you can install in your house, but a split conditioning unit is one of the best options. That’s because of the numerous benefits it over most of the traditional centralised options.

What is a Split Air Conditioning System?

Spli Air Conditioner Indoor Unit

As the name suggests, installation of a split air conditioner comes in two parts: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit consists of the evaporator unit, which is part of the aircon unit that cools the room by absorbing heat. The outdoor unit installed outside your house and contains a compressor, filters, expansion, and condenser coils. The two units are connected with small capillary tubes.

Benefits of Split System Air Conditioning

There are many reasons why split air conditioning units are a great option for the residents of Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast. Unlike the traditional AC units, it does not require ductwork hence eliminating the major installing work. These units are also cheap to maintain compared to most of the centralised alternatives.

Here are some of the main benefits of Split System Air Conditioning Units:

1. Extremely Easy Installation

One of the biggest benefits of split air conditioning units is their ease of installation. In the tradition centralised AC units, you need long and expensive ductwork for the installation. But for the split air con system, you don’t need that anymore. You only need small copper tubing (capillary tubes), and some wires for the electrical connections to complete the entire installation. Therefore, it will take less time to install these units. There is also a significant reduction in the overall cost of installation.

2. Reduced Energy Expenditure

The duct system is one of the areas that causes inefficiency in the centralised air conditioning units. As the heat exchange takes place in the duct system, a great amount of cooling energy is lost. That means high energy bills to keep the room cool. But when it comes to split AC units, there is no ductwork system; hence, no energy is lost due to heat exchange. That is the reason why these units are great for cooling some of the most stubborn rooms due to lack of ventilation or airflow. So, you can expect to pay less for cooling your room in Maroochydore when you upgrade with a split air conditioning system.

3. Quiet Operation

The split air conditioning system is nearly silent in operation. The main reason why the centralised AC units, such as the window air cons, are noisy is because of the condenser pump. It is moving in these units that produce most of the noise in these units. For the split air system, the condenser pump is in the outdoor unit. That means the noise unit is away from the room. That is how these units can produce a near-silent operation. So, if you have been having noise problems with your centralised system, then you need to consider upgrading to a split AC unit.

4. Designed for Efficiency

Split air conditioning units are designed for efficiency. One of the biggest problems with the traditional AC units is poor efficiency due to their complex ductwork. A lot of cooling energy (almost 30 percent) is lost in the duct system, making these AC units inefficient. With the duct system eliminated in the split air conditioning system, the loss of cooling energy is significantly reduced. That is one of the ways that the split units have been able to improve machine efficiency. So, you can expect great energy efficiency from these units. That will translate to long-term savings on energy bills.

5. Blends With Your Decor

Another benefit of a split air conditioning system is the ability to blend with your home décor. Both the outdoor and the indoor units are designed to add an elegant touch of decoration to your interior décor. For the interior unit, they are small in size and comes in different jacket colours; hence, you can pick one that suits your home’s interior décor. Their small size also enables you to place them in any part of the room, including installing them on the ceiling. For the outdoor unit, you can have it placed on the wall or any other part to improve your home’s exterior décor.

6. Flexible Range to Work With

Maroochydore Air Con Systems

Since the split air conditioning unit does not need ductwork, you have a decent amount range to work with. The distance between the outdoor and indoor units can be up to 33 yards apart. So if you want to have the compressor installed away from your home to deal with noise issues, then you have a vast range to work with. The cost of installation will still be relatively low compared to the centralised ac units.

7. Increased Security

Compared to some of the centralised systems such as the window unit, split units offer better security. With the window AC units, it is very easy for an intruder to get access to your home through the open hole on your window. For the split air conditioner unit, you only need small holes for the small copper tubing, which doesn’t pose much threat to your home.

There are many benefits that come with installing a split system air conditioning unit. If you want to upgrade to split air con units or you need any air conditioning system services in Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, contact Air Con Sunshine Coast for installation or repair services. They are air con unit specialists operating in Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, and its environs.