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When you have problems with the air conditioning system in your home, it is best to ask for the help of professionals instead of trying to fix the system on your own. Feeling comfortable with the services that are provided to you is very important and this can be possible if you choose a reliable company that is able to deal with residential air conditioning repairs in a professional manner. We can be your reliable service provider. We are able to repair your AC in no time while we also provide great customer service and we have a lot of experience repairing and maintaining such systems.

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We’re trained in delivering full servicing and repairs for all brands including Daikin, Fujitsu, LG, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric and Samsung and Hitachi. Not properly caring for your air conditioner system can result in the voiding of your warranty and may drastically decrease the life of an expensive part of your home.

By using our professional services of residential air conditioning repair, you can benefit from having an AC unit that will last for many years and will always work at full capacity. Our repairs will not break your budget, as the prices are affordable. Our staff will constantly make visits to your place and will properly maintain your air conditioning unit. In the long term, your energy bills will become lower. You will fully benefit from having an efficient AC unit. Feel free to give us a call at any hour and we will be able to do the repairs that are required.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

There are certain symptoms that show you your residential air conditioning system requires repairs. When you notice such symptoms, it is recommended to act quickly, as problems can become worse if you don’t.

Heating units that are not regularly maintained can emit dangerous Carbon Monoxide gases which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. HVAC servicing usually involves annual checkups of your heating or cooling unit and can give you an accurate assessment of its CO levels. Even if you don’t notice any issue with your air conditioning unit, maintenance is recommended on a regular basis. This will help you to always have an AC unit that works at its maximum efficiency. Your system can be fine-tuned to provide high-quality cool air to your rooms. Give Air Con Sunshine Coast a call for an obligation free quote today.

How Do You Know Your Air Conditioning System Needs Repairs?

Poor Flow of Air

When there is a poor air flow through the vents, it is possible that the compressor has problems. If only some of your rooms are getting cold air, the duct work may have issues. Debris can accumulate into vents over time.



Thermostat Issues

Sometimes the thermostat can function improperly. In this case, you may notice a big difference in temperature between the rooms of your home.



Lack of Cool Air

A residential AC system is meant to cool down your rooms. If it doesn’t, it surely needs repairs. Usually, this means that your compressor is failing, or the Freon levels are low.



Strange Noises

Sounds like grating, grinding and squealing indicate a problem. The unit may need lubrication, a belt replacement, or it has problems with its motor bearings. It can soon suffer a breakdown.

Moisture and Strange Smells

The presence of moisture in places that should be dry can indicate that refrigerant or water may be leaking and the drain tube may be broken. Strange smells can be caused by a burned out insulation.

Easy Air Con Upkeep

No matter what the symptom that you notice is, our team of professionals are available 24/7 to perform the needed repairs. If the problem is too severe to repair the broken components of the system, these parts may require replacement. Our staff ar properly trained and has the right tools to fix any problem. We can repair AC units and the duct work,  ensuring customer satisfaction.

Ensuring that your unit is working as it was designed can help prevent potential malfunctions that could be even more expensive. Guarantee your unit’s longevity with a low cost tune-up annually. If your air con is loud and annoying you may be in breach of council and strata laws and liable to a penalty – Find out more about noise restrictions in the Sunshine Coast.

Servicing All Suburbs of The Sunny Coast

One of the most annoying things that can happen in summer is your air con unit failing, just as you finally start to need it! Luckily, Air Con Sunshine Coast can help resolve your servicing needs. Give us a call and say ‘fix my air conditioning please!’ and before you know it, one of our technicians who is highly trained in reconditioning units will be on the scene to get the unit fired up and your house cool in next to no time! Ducted A/C repairs, evaporative cooling systems, gas ducted heating, refrigeration restorations and split system and multi head refits are all easy for us! Call one of our delightful staff and give us a rundown of your problem and we’ll send someone out to diagnose and repair it ASAP – Never fear, the air con repairman is on the way!