Kawana’s Reliable Air Conditioning Service

Air Con Sunshine Coast are your premier air conditioning service in Kawana. We offer a comprehensive service to our clients in Kawana and have earned our reputation based on our unparalleled knowledge to make us the most trusted aircon team in the area. If you want a new air-con system installed or your system has broken down, our team of experts have the know how which means you can be confident you never need go without air-con.

Kawana’s Dedicated Air Con Team

For residents of Kawana, staying cool is no laughing matter. With temperatures and energy prices rising, having an efficient and fully functioning air con system is essential. After all, the Sunshine Coast got its name for a reason: our weather is the envy of the country, if not the world. Kawana’s constant sunshine has huge benefits and there’s no doubting how lucky we are. But that’s not to say that Kawana’s great weather can’t be problematic in its own right, and staying cool can be a real challenge. That’s why in Kawana, air con is such an important part of daily life.

Because of this, Kawana’s air conditioning units rank among the hardest working in the country, and these guys need to put in a shift every single day so that we can stay cool. So proper care is essential. But we don’t just need them to work hard: we need them to work smart. As energy prices rise, making sure our aircon is working efficiently means we not only stay cool: we can also save significantly on our utility bills. If you’re running a business and want your staff to be comfortable and productive, we’re sure you don’t need us to tell you how important this is. Nor do we need to remind you how much energy bills can add on to your overheads. 

You need not only to have the most appropriate system fitted from the get-go (although this is very important!). You also need to keep it running at it’s best with regular servicing. What’s more, you need to know that if it does stop working, you have a team local to Kawana on hand to get it running, and cooling, again ASAP. 

That’s where Air Con Sunshine Coast can help: with a wealth of experience right across Kawana, we have not only the expertise but the local know-how to understand Kawana’s resident’s, and businesses needs – after all, we live and work here too. 

Faulty or inefficient air con can make us uncomfortable in our homes, and unproductive in our workplaces. In Kawana, finding the right aircon and keeping it working at its optimum level is essential. 

Air Conditioning Installation in Kawana

If you’re moving to a new home or office building, or if you need to upgrade to a more energy-efficient system, Air Con Sunshine coast have the expertise to not only fit your cooling, but make sure you get the most appropriate and cost-effective air conditioning possible. As Kawana’s air conditioning installation experts, we specialise in undertaking a full range of aircon installs, no matter your needs or the size of the job. In fact, we can handle jobs from the smallest to the biggest, be it residential or large scale commercial. We’re known for our friendly service, in depth consultation process and long term aftercare support. Not to mention our top quality air conditioner installs. So whether you need a small bedroom installation or window air conditioner to keep you cool at night, or a whole office building cooling, contact us for a quote. We can even provide airconditioning systems powerful enough to cool an entire warehouse floor. With the best service in all of Kawana, we’re confident we’re the people to help. After all, we’re proudly Kawana’s #1 team and have earned our reputation with great service, highly skilled staff and stellar aftercare support on all of our work. 

We stock a huge range of different air conditioners, so depending on your requirements we can fit split system units, HVAC, reverse cycle air conditioners … quite simply, we have the lot. So no matter your requirements, our team of experts in Kawana will be able to assess your needs and provide you with a solution that best suits you. 

How much does it cost to install air conditioning?

Depending on the size of the job, and the type of system you need, of course, prices can vary.  However, whether you require reverse cycle air conditioning, split system air conditioners, or a simpler air cooler, to give just a few examples, we will be able to provide a competitive quote. And we will always aim to identify your specific needs and work within your budget. In most cases we can provide a rough price right there on the spot, but we will send one of our Kawana based technicians to you, to survey your premises and see exactly what you need doing. 

Energy prices are rising across the country, and of course Kawana is no different, so we will always aim to provide an energy-efficient system to save you money in the long term. It’s our mission to provide our customers with not only the best install possible, but the most eco-friendly and affordable way of staying cool.

Air Conditioner Repairs in Kawana

Are your bills suddenly through the roof, or are you wondering why your AC is running but not cooling? Sounds like you could be in need of a repair. Luckily, we can fix every type of aircon unit, so whether you’re operating ducted air conditioning, split system air conditioner or HVAC, we have the tools and the knowledge to get your ac unit up and running in no time. What’s more, we understand first hand the importance of keeping cool in Kawana, we will always endeavour to get to you ASAP. Our team have many years experience attending to Kawana’s Air con needs, and can help with any problem you may face. So don’t sweat it: we’ll have your air con fully operational in no time. 

Air Conditioner Service in Kawana

To keep your air con performing to the best of its ability, there are many things that you as the user can do yourself. You might not be aware, but regularly cleaning the filters, for example, not only helps your air con system run smoothly, but can actually add years onto the life of your unit. To keep your air con 100% healthy in Kawana, though, regular servicing is still necessary. This is not only to ensure your air-cons long term health, but to keep your system efficient and so save you money on energy bills. Luckily, Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning offer a comprehensive air conditioning service which will keep your system operating to the highest standard. 

So if you’re in need of a repair job, it’s high time you changed your old (unit|AC|air con|air conditioner}, or you need a whole building fitting with air conditioning, no matter the size of the job, we can get the job done. Even if you just want to be sure your system will is doing it’s best work, give Air Con Sunshine Coast a call today. We know that we have the people and the know-how to provide the best air conditioning service you will find in the Kawana area, so if you’re in need of cooling, we’re here to help you out. With our simple payment system, friendly team and energy-efficient solutions, Kawana couldn’t be in better hands.