Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

When the name Mitsubishi comes to mind, you think of high-quality utes and SUVs, right?

We don’t blame you, the name Mitsubishi is synonymous with their cars and utes, but their electrical department has a fairly wide range of air conditioners (wall-mounted, console split system, bulkhead, ceiling mounted and multi-head split system). A lot to get your head around, so we’ve broken down the range of products on hand in order to make your decision a little easier!

Their range of air conditioners is impressively wide and there’s bound to be something to suit your home or workspace. Aside from Wi connectivity, there isn’t much in the way of bells and whistles with Mitsubishi, but what they lack in gimmicks or features they more than make up for with efficiency, reliability and power!


Mitsubishi Split System Air Conditioners

All coming standard with Mitsubishi’s Plasma Duo filter system (made for the cleansing and deodorisation of air), the patented i-See Sensor and Catechin filters (designed to freshen the air), Mitsubishi’s wall mounted air conditioning range pack quite a powerful punch.

black piano model airconditioner

Their series is split into 6:

  • Signature Series EF
  • FB Series
  • FH Series
  • GE Series
  • GL Series
  • GN Series (Cooling Only)

All models come with the same standard design – with the exception of the Signature Series which can be installed in a glossy piano black. The Signature Series is the most comprehensive in the range, with ‘silent modes’ achieving near-silence as low as 21dBa. In addition, The Signature Series supports Wi-Fi control, meaning that you can control your unit from your smartphone or tablet on-the-go.


electric console airconditionerElectric Console Air Conditioners

If lack of space is an issue you face then this model would be perfect for you. Designed with unobtrusiveness in mind, they can be recessed into your wall, which more than halves their protrusion. Even air distribution is guaranteed with a multi-vane function, and at 19dB on their lowest setting, you won’t hear them either.


Mitsubishi Electric Multi-Head Split Systems


rooms with multi split end airconditionersIf your cooling needs stretch to multiple rooms, Mitsubishi’s multi-head split system allows the linking of eight separate units. Meaning, one outdoor unit maintains up to six units, saving on space and the eyesore of outdoor units! Each split system comes with a five-year warranty and can support multiple air conditioning types including cassettes, bulkheads and wall mounts!


Mitsubishi Electric Ducted & Bulkhead Air Conditioners

Using inverter technology, the Mitsubishi ducted system provides instant cooling as well as greater efficiency. As stated before, the ducted system is best for those who want ‘invisible’ air conditioning, and have both the infrastructure and the budget to accomplish it.

Despite the large installation, Mitsubishi’s ducted bulkheads are both incredibly low profile and lightweight, meaning once installed you’ll essentially never see them again! So, if you’re building a new space or undergoing renovations – then installing a Mitsubishi bulkhead ducted cooling system may be right for you! Check out why you should use Air Con Sunshine Coast for this job here.


Mitsubishi Cassette Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioners

cassette ceiling mounted airconditioners

Split the difference with Mitsubishi Electric’s ceiling-mounted air conditioners, they are ‘whisper quiet’ models that take up almost no space and can be easily installed in situations where other types of air conditioner could potentially not be installed.

  • There is just one base model but with many cooling capacities on offer – 2.3kw to 13kw
  • Ceiling cassettes can fit into a 2m² ceiling panel

Ceiling cassettes come with a week-long programmable timer and can be connected to MXZ series multi-split systems, effectively meaning you can get all of your cooling needs through Mitsubishi Electric. This is evidently a comprehensive air conditioning system for the whole home.

With cooling capacities up to 22kw, Mitsubishi Electric’s air conditioners are well suited to blanket your entire home in cooled or heated air, making your house comfortable all year round. While Mitsubishi Electric is perhaps not one of the ‘go to’ brands when thinking about air conditioning, it may be well worth a look into.