When buying air conditioners and other home appliances, one of the key things that experts advise on is checking energy efficiency. That is because of numerous benefits that come with investing in energy-efficient air con. But what is energy-efficiency in an air conditioner? Unfortunately, most buyers do not understand what it is and why it is important. This energy-efficient air conditioner guide goes into details to elaborate on what energy-efficiency is.

We have also listed the type of energy-efficient air cons in the market as well as the pros and cons of investing in this type of air con installation.

Types Of Energy-Efficient Air Cons

The term energy efficiency is widely used by most of the air conditioner manufacturers. In fact, most of them are using these labels to advertise their products. So what does it mean? Energy efficiency simply means that the machine is using less energy and still provide better output than the traditional models.

Energy efficiency in machines is achieved by doing more with less. You can either have the same out as the alternative machine but use just a fraction of the energy that could have been used by the tradition model. To achieve high energy efficiency, manufacturers are using cutting edge technologies that reduce air cons’ energy consumption by a significant amount.

As you have seen with most brands, the energy efficiency of an air conditioner is rated by energy stars. The number of stars (star rating) on the label shows how energy efficient the machine is. Most of the air cons are rated between 1 to 6 stars. So a machine with 6 stars is highly rated and offers incredibly high energy efficiency. However, there are addition 4 stars for extra-efficient air conditioners. There are some super energy efficient air cons that can hit a 10-star rating. But that does not mean 1-start rated air con is bad.

Types Of Energy-Efficient Air Cons

There are two main types of air conditioners- evaporative and refrigerate. The latter excels in high humidity environment such as tropical climate while the former excels in cooling dry air. So to reduce energy consumption, you need to consider the kind of environment that you live in. You can select the right air con that suits your needs. If you are in a region where high humidity is experienced year-round, get a refrigerate type and vice versa. That’s how you save in energy bills.

There is a number of energy efficient air con that you pick from in Australia. These are machines that have been improved using cutting edge technology. Here are some of the best types of energy-efficient air cons you can get in Australia:

  1. Split-system air con- they are very common in Australia due to their flexibility and high performance. They have to units- indoor unit (evaporator) and the outdoor unit (compressor and condenser).
  2. Duct air conditioners- if you have a large home, there ate energy efficient ducted air cons to select from.
  3. Window air cons- if you are cooling single rooms, you have plenty of high energy-efficient window air cons to pick from.

4 Energy-Efficient Air Con Initiatives

One of the shocking findings is that more than 40 per cent of the Australian household energy consumption is from HVAC appliances. That is according to the 2011 Federal government report. Therefore, choosing energy efficient air conditioner is crucial in for the Australians. There are a number of energy-efficient AC initiatives that are helping buyers select the best air cons in the market. Here are just a few of them:

The E3 Program

The Australian government and New Zealand government are collaborating in running the Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) program. The program undertakes a number of activities including education, training, energy rating labelling and setting minimum energy performance (MEPS). The aim is to help buyers get appliances with good energy efficiency.

Right Size AC

No matter the measures you have taken to get a highly efficient machine, size is a critical factor to consider. If the air con unit is too large, there is wastage. If it is too small, it works hard and thus reducing efficiency. You must get a perfect size for your house to reduce energy wastage. Seek Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast’s air conditioning installation services to help you get the right machine for your home.

Energy Rating Labels

One of the best ways that typical buyers can tell a high energy efficient air con is by checking the energy rating labels. The number of energy stars will inform you of the best appliance for you. That is what programs such as E3 are trying to do to help buyers select high energy efficient machines.

Pros And Cons Of Energy-Efficient Air Cons

There are many benefits that come with buying an energy efficient air con. It cost less to run and have an extended useful life. But there are also a number of disadvantages that comes with these machines. Here are the major pros and cons of air conditioning systems:


– Superior Performance- these machines are made from advanced features that enhance s their performance.

– Extended useful life- due to their high efficiency, these machines are not prone to high wear and tear. Therefore, their lifespan longer compared to the tradition air cons.

– Lower energy bill- their amount of energy needed to keep your room cool is significantly reduced with energy efficient air cons. That is how they cut your energy bills.

– Environmentally friendly refrigerant- they use R410a refrigerant which is safer for the environment.


– Expensive- the initial installation cost is very high.

– The high cost of maintenance- due to the advanced features, the cost of repairs and replacement can be very high.

How Much Does An Energy Efficient Air Conditioner Save?

One of the biggest benefits that homeowners enjoy from investing in an energy efficient air con is reduced energy bills. But how much can you save? That is the question that most buyers ask while buying. The savings are in your energy bills. The higher the energy-efficiency rating, the more you save. According to various studies, these machines can save 20 to 50 per cent of your electricity. However, to save more, you need to get a perfect AC unit for your home and use the machine properly. Set the right indoor temperature as well.

Should You Buy An Energy-Efficient Air-Conditioner?

The answer is yes. There are numerous benefits that come with investing in energy efficient air conditioners. The initial installation could be high, but the overall cost of running the appliance is very low. Your electricity bill will be reduced by almost 50 percent as well as reduced cost of maintenance. These are just some of the reasons why you should invest in these types of air conditioning units.

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