An air conditioner is a big investment. When you buy this equipment, you are expecting to use it for as many years as possible. However, this is not always the case, mainly because the equipment is susceptible to wear and tear. With time, the AC will demand tune-ups or repairs; otherwise, the comfort of your rooms will be in jeopardy. When you are considering buying replacement parts at any spare parts shop, you need to consider several things, some of which are discussed below.

  1. Used Part or New One – Have you considered how much the replacement part can cost you in different places? You will be surprised by how much you can save if you buy a part that is being resold compared to buying from a new parts dealer. However, cost is just one aspect of the argument. The quality of a new part and its expected life can override all the supposed savings of an old one. The point is that you need to weigh these options carefully.
  2. Do the parts match? – Sometimes, one part of the AC needs repair earlier. When this happens, one of the remedies is to get replacement parts for it, or overhaul the whole unit. The supposedly easier and cheaper option is to replace only the affected part. If you are unable to match the old and new parts of your AC, replacing a section of the unit can be counterproductive. Therefore, make sure you involve a HVAC professional whenever you are embarking on such replacements.
  3. Many Places to Buy – With the internet at the center of life today, getting a replacement part is as easy as winking. You will find large inventories from almost any company that you search. However, there is a risk of being scammed. Make sure that you check the pictures closely and avoid parts that are extremely low priced. There are also many re-sellers. These are usually very experienced and can recommend the best part for you.


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Everyone wants their AC to last for 10 years, but they forget about the need for having their units repaired using reliable parts. If your unit has stalled, the tips given here can help you get the best replacement parts.