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Warana’s Dedicated Air Con Team

air con in queenslander homeThe Sunshine Coast got its name for a reason: our weather is the envy of the world. Warana’s constant sunshine is a blessing. However, as great as it is, Warana’s weather also presents us with many challenges, the most obvious of which is simply staying cool.

Enter our trusty, hard-working friend, the aircon unit. In Warana these guys need to put in a shift every single day so that we can find some relief. Staying cool might seem like a first-world problem, but let’s not forget that for some in Kawana, heat can be a killer. Working or just staying comfortable at home can become tough for any of us without properly installed and functioning air con, let alone trying to work. So choosing the right aircon, and keeping it operating at its optimum level in Warana is not a luxury: it’s essential.

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What’s more, you need to know that if it does stop working, you have a team local to Warana on hand to get it operating again ASAP. As Kawana’s most experienced Air Con team, we can help whatever your problem.

Air Conditioning Installation in Warana

split system air conditioner installedAs Kawana’s air conditioning installation experts, we specialise in undertaking a full range of aircon installs, no matter your needs or the size of the job. With a reputation for great service and exceptional local knowledge, our highly trained staff are proud to be Waranas #1 air con team. We can handle installs from the smallest to the biggest, residential or commercial. If you need a small bedroom installation or window air conditioner to keep you cool at night, or a whole office building cooling, contact us for a quote. We can even provide airconditioning systems powerful enough to cool an entire warehouse floor. With the best service in all of Kawana, we’re sure that we’ll be able to help.

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We stock a huge range of different air conditioners, so depending on your requirements we can fit split system units, HVAC, reverse cycle air conditioners … quite simply, we have the lot. And we can cool your space no matter the size, with careful consultation to identify your budget and your needs, to identify which air conditioners are best for you. Whatever the challenge, Air Con Sunshine Coast in Warana has the expertise to provide you with the best and most efficient system for your needs.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Air Conditioning?

turning your HVAC unit offOf course, this will vary depending on the size of the job, and the type of system you need. Prices can vary depending on whether you require reverse cycle air conditioning, split system air conditioners, or a simpler air cooler, to give just a few examples. With technicians based across the Kawana area, we can dispatch them to you easily to survey your premises and assess the work that needs doing. We believe that a careful and thorough consultation is the best way to find out exactly what you need, and we always aim to work within your budget. In most cases, we can provide a rough price right there on the spot. We also understand that with energy prices rising, our customers in Warana need the most power and cost efficient system possible. We want all of our customers across Kawana to get not only the best install possible, but the most eco-friendly and affordable way of staying cool.

We’re happy to provide a free estimate on any installation no matter the size

Air Conditioner Repairs in Warana

cooling unit Wondering why your AC is running but not cooling? Sounds like you need a repair. Our repair service is second to none and we pride ourselves on our ability to repair any air conditioner in Warana, whatever the problem. We can fix every type of air con unit, whether you’re operating ducted air conditioning, split system air conditioner or HVAC, we have the tools and the knowledge to get your ac unit up and running in no time. We’ll send someone to you ASAP, no matter where in Kawana you are. So you needn’t sweat out the wait for your air conditioner to be back up and running.

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Air Conditioner Service in Warana

As we’ve established, with the demands we place on them, Warana cooling systems need to be maintained to keep operating to their maximum capacity. There are many things that you as the user can do yourself: regularly cleaning the filters, for example, not only helps your air con system run smoothly but can add years onto the life of your unit. But Kawana’s air cons still require expert servicing now and again. This is not only to ensure your air-cons long term health, but to keep your system efficient and so save you money on energy bills. Luckily, Air Con Sunshine Coast offer a comprehensive air conditioning service that will keep your system operating to the highest standard.

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Upfront Free Quoting

For a FREE quote on your air-con repairs or installation in Warana, give our friendly staff a call on (07) 5646 3628 and find out for yourself why we’ve got so many 5-star customer reviews!

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We service all parts of the Coast if you require air-con work in another suburb check out our Kawana service area page.


Which air conditioner is best for your home in Warana, Kawana will vary with the size of your house and the investment you want to make. Learn more about which air conditioner might be best with our Home Air Conditioner Guide.

The cost of installing ducted air con in Warana, Kawana is normally around $2,500, with installation costs on top, but can vary with the square footage of the room you are cooling and the type of aircon system you use. For rooms with higher square footage this can be more expensive.

Split system air con installation in Warana, Kawana can cost as little as $400 – $900, but many factors can affect this price. The placement of the external unit, the model and the brand may well affect the final price.

The cost to fix an air conditioner in Warana, Kawana will vary depending on the complexity of the problem, and the model of the air conditioner.

You need to have your air conditioning serviced at least once a year, to keep it operating efficiently. With Warana, Kawana’s humidity though, it is wise to have your air conditioner serviced more often. For more info on when to service your air conditioner, read our Air Con Service Guide.

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