Big Pineapple

The uniqueness of heritage-listed tourist attractions is a carefully cultivated art which helps to preserve the creative side of a culture’s character. The Big Pineapple was created in commemoration of the first planting of pineapple plants in Brisbane, Australia in 1824. Peddle Thorp and Harvey, Paul Luff, Gary Smallcombe, along with their associates, created the Big Pineapple and opened it for viewing on the 15th of August, 1971.

big pineapple

Five years after the first pineapples were brought over and planted on the fertile Australian soil, Charles Fraser took action with his own plantation. The Colonial Botanist planted 34 pineapple trees amidst the existing lush plants within the 15-acre government garden. Fraser prepared this garden in Brisbane in 1828. In the later 1800s, Pineapple-growing experiments began and the land soon started to be called Maroochy Shire. Thomas Davey’s Woombye farm became the first to commercialize pineapple farming in 1895. Not only is the Maroochy Shire ideal land for growing pineapples, but  Maroochy turned it into land also for sugar, bananas, timber, and grazing.  The Maroochy Shire in Queensland became the largest fruit farming land between the 1880s and 1915. The lush soil and rainy climate create the perfect environment for the juiciest and nutritious fruit in Australia.

Travelers from all over come to experience the magnificent splendor of this 16-meter high Pineapple. Also known as the Sunshine Plantation, this monument was famously visited by Prince Charles and Princess Diana on the 12th of April, 1983. This attraction has become quite the draw for tourists of all ages and backgrounds. Popularity grew so much so that now The Big Pineapple is on the award-winning Big Pineapple Music Festival. In 2017 The Big Pineapple had the honor of hosting Midnight Oil during their reunion concert series. This artistic and historical site is a delectable experience for all who come to basque in the presence of this extremely unique structure. What a fun-filled way to enjoy a family weekend getaway, a special date, or a family reunion picnic!

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