If you, like many others, are not a fan of the scathing summer heat, it’s likely you have an air conditioner. This system is vital to the cooling or heating of your house when it gets to be too much for you to handle. But what happens if it stops working? Or if it’s just not working as well as it usually does? What caused it? How can you get it back to normal? What can you do to prevent these kinds of problems in the future?

Air conditioners can be confusing, and they’re filled with little parts that need maintenance every so often, but it is definitely worth learning how to maintain your system. Neglecting maintenance ensures that your unit is going to see a slow decline in efficiency, requiring more energy in order to accomplish less cooling.

Luckily, there are a variety of ways to make sure that your unit stays in good shape and continues running at its maximum capacity, and even if these tips don’t help, there are always professionals you can hire to help you get the job done.

Clean Your Air Con Filters

aircon filter cleaningOne of the most helpful things you can do to keep your air conditioner working is to clean its filters. If the filters are clogged or dirty, they may become blocked up which will prevent normal airflow and have a significant effect on the efficiency of your air con. Along with decreased efficiency, air that goes through a dirty filter may carry the grime directly into the evaporator coil of your system, which will impair the coil’s ability to absorb heat. Changing out your soiled filter for a new one can lower the energy your air conditioner consumes by up to 15%.

Air conditioner filters are generally a rather cheap investment, some going as low as $15-20. That’s a low price to pay not to be breathing in the dirt that’s being cycled through your air con, not to mention the money you will save on electricity.

Depending on what type of unit you have, your filter will be located in different places. For a central air conditioner, the filter will often be located along the length of the return duct. For other air conditioners, filters can be found in the ceilings, furnaces, walls, or in the unit itself.

Air Con Window Seals

Ensuring that your windows are properly sealed is a great way to save money on electricity. If your windows aren’t sealed right, lots of cold air can escape between the cracks, putting a greater strain on your air conditioner to keep the room cool. Thusly, you should inspect the seal between your air conditioner and the window frame at the beginning of hot seasons to make sure that it is well sealed and that none of your cold air will be leaking out.

Not only does it help to make sure that the window your room air conditioner is mounted in is properly sealed, but it may also help to check your other windows as well, as air can escape from any of them.

Air Con Maintenance During Winter

You might think that you can just leave your air con be during the winter, and this line of thinking does make sense. You are not going to be using it, so there won’t be any wear and tear. What’s the harm in just leaving it as is? Unfortunately, this mindset could ultimately be harmful to your unit. During the winter months, it is important (in the case of a room air conditioner) that you either cover up the unit or completely remove it and put it away to help avoid the collection of dust or the potential of stray items falling into the unit. If you instead have a central air conditioner, you will want to cover up the outdoor unit in order to protect the machine from winter snow or possible debris, such as falling leaves or branches.

Regularly Have Your Air Con Professionally Inspected

home aircon professional inspection

Sometimes machines go a little haywire, that’s just a fact of life. Unfortunately, this truth remains the same for air conditioners, which means that sometimes the problems facing your machine are beyond your control. In this case, it’s probably time to hire a professional to take a look into the issue. Air con technicians are trained in air con maintenance and will be able to easily identify any problem you may be having. our Sunshine Coast team can help with air conditioning repairs for a wide range of air con units

A good technician will check for a long list of things that most people wouldn’t know how to evaluate, such as; Proper refrigerant amounts, refrigerant leaks, measuring airflow coming through the evaporator coil, how accurate the thermostat is, if the ducts are leaking, etcetera. Especially when dealing with refrigerant, it is incredibly important to have a technician present to make sure everything is dealt with properly.

Where To Find A Professional

If you’re on or near the Sunshine Coast, the answer is simple. Air Con Sunshine Coast is an incredibly reputable business with trained professionals who will be happy to help you with any of your air conditioning needs. If your air conditioner is acting up, or if you just want to have it looked at to make sure everything is up to snuff, they are easily the best choice.

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