Air conditioning installers require a range of tools to work efficiently. AC unit installation is a complex task that requires various tools depending on the unit install type, and location on the house/unit. Different jobs will have different requirements, but all jobs require some of the same main types of tools.

Below are the essential tools that are necessary when installing AC units. These are tools that make work easier and deliver a quick yet quality installation. In this post, we give details of each of these air conditioning installation tools and how they are used. Take a look below to find out more about each:

Cordless Drill

technicial installing an AC using a cordless drill

A cordless drill is one of the main tools required for AC installation. As the name suggests, these are drilling tools that run on a charged battery. Using this, we don’t need a power connection when working. This makes them ideal for working outdoors as well as on the go. Cordless drills are used in driving in screws as well as boring holes. We use ones that runs on lithium-ion batteries so the charge last for longer.

Stud Finders

AC units are mostly held on the wall by being fastened to the studs supporting the wall. You cannot see these studs behind the wall with naked eye. We use a stud finder to locate the exact positioning of the stud. These gadgets can be magnetic, electronic or use radar detection to locate the studs behind the wall. They are crucial because they prevent unnecessary damage to the wall.

Electrical Multimeter

Another essential tool for AC installation is an electrical multimeter. An air conditioning units’ electrical system can be quite complex. If we don’t get the wiring right, it can damage the unit permanently while still brand new. The electrical multimeter checks the electrical currents of the unit and detects any short circuits. Before powering on the machine after installation, we always need to check the electrical systems to avoid damage.

Wrenchesset of wrenches and a tape measure for AC installation

Some AC installations include the use of piping. This means there will be pipe joints in the system, and possibly pipework screwed to the wall. In such cases, a pipe wrench becomes a crucial tool for fastening these pipes and joints. They are adjustable so we can easily deal with a range of pipe sizes. There are other types of wrenches we often use too, including adjustable wrenches for fastening bolts and nuts.

Tape Measure

We must never forget to pack a tape measure when installing an air conditioning unit. There are many instances when precise measurements are needed. For example, when we want to cut a specific pipe length. The mounting height should also be as recommended by the manufacturer, although many installers will just guess, we try to do things properly. Not a day goes by where we don’t use our tape measures, making it one of our most useful tools.


A screwdriver is another essential tool when installing an AC unit. We need this tool to fasten power cables to connectors in the unit and to the circuit breaker. Sometime we can use our cordless drill but often a manual screwdriver is necessary. Insulated screwdrivers with insulated handles are what we recommend and use to avoid electrocution. Our screwdrivers are also used for fastening, loosening and opening various screws on the unit during installation.

Plierstechnician during an AC installation

Pliers are another common tool for AC installation. Pliers have a lot of uses, including fastening nuts when wrenches cannot be used. They are also used for stripping wires when connecting to power or AC connectors. There are several types of pliers for AC installers including slim-nose, channel-lock and wire stripping.